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A genuine cure for stinky golf clothes

August 04, 2016

If my wife could smell cocaine as readily as she can smell ordinary household odors, she could get a job at a major international airport. She can detect B.O. and mildew at homeopathic concentrations, and she will throw away even favorite clothes of her own if, after washing them with bleach and hanging them in the sun all day, she can still pick up what she calls a "mammalian" scent.

So it was with some trepidation that I asked her to let me have a go at an especially grungy tee shirt and hockey jersey of hers, both of which she was about get rid of. I added some golf clothes that had been lost for a couple of weeks under a pile of stuff in the trunk of my car (including two pairs of socks that were still sort of wet), and washed everything in regular detergent plus half a cup of Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator:

Amazingly, when the load came out of the dryer, all the nasty odors were gone. And it wasn't just that I couldn't smell them anymore -- my wife couldn't smell them either. They hadn't been masked by "fragrance," because she doesn't fall for that one. The ingredient that Proctor and Gamble describes on the bottle as "concentrated odor eliminator derived from corn" had made the bad smells go away, and the entire load of wash ended up with an executive reprieve. (It even works on cigar smoke.)