A courtroom loss for Daly

March 23, 2009

In 2005, John Daly sued the Florida Times-Union and its columnist MIke Freeman for libel. Freeman wrote that Daly has been "accused of smacking women around" and that he has "Thug Life qualifications." He also objected to Freeman writing this: "Three different kids from three different moms, making him the Shawn Kemp of golf? Yes."

A judge threw out the lawsuit on Monday.

Freeman's response, published on, includes this: "It was the right move because if there is anyone who is lawsuit proof, it's the human car wreck, Daly."

lt's hard to argue with that. Here's a PDF file of the summary judgement. It includes this statement: "There is no genuine dispute that Daly is someone 'accused' of domestic abuse." And this: "With respect to these Counts, Daly admits that the underlying factual statement is true - that he has three kids with three

different mothers." And this, regarding the "Thug Life qualifications" statement: "The

alleged defamatory statements are opinions based upon disclosed facts."

-- John Strege