A company that can help you buckle down on your choice of belts

August 01, 2014

Enter Beltology.

Like The Tie Bar or Happy Socks, Lundberg and Heffernan have built their business with a specific product classification, taking a simple idea and making a tremendous impact on a piece of clothing that has gone rather untouched for a very long time.

Seeing incredible growth in men's accessories, they've designed a stretch woven belt that avoids the sizing issue by eliminating the need for holes. The elasticity means more comfort and the lack of holes also helps protect it from wearing out. A nice plus. All of the belts are hand finished, and it's versatile enough to be worn in both formal and casual settings.

If there's an accessory PGA Tour pros give more thought to than average golfers, it's the belt. It's not just something that holds up their pants. A belt serves as an important fashion accessory. With Beltology's collection of fun belts, now you can start with the belt and plan your wardrobe around these fun looks. The company's mission is clear: Don't just wear belts -- embrace them.

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