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50 Best 19th Holes

March 02, 2008

T.M. Ferguson, a self-described "Brown Bag Golfer", takes exception to our private-club heavy 19th hole story in March.


I am writing to express my frustration about your article in the March 2008 issue > "GD 50 Best 19th Holes." I understand, as an editor, you have carte blanche access to many golf courses and resorts around the world as "experts canvassing the country."I felt like I was reading "Oprah's Favorite Things" and how most of us will not have the opportunity to try your selections. It was nice of you to include a few places that are open for the general public, even by public standards, still on the high dollar end. Not very original. The finishing touch would be to see Augusta on the list.

T.M., I feel your pain. Having grown up on public courses, first in Detroit and later around New York City, I, too, feel a pinch of resentment against lists of things I can't get to. On the other hand, I like to know about them because--who knows--I might get an invite some day. It's like courses. We can make a public list of great courses, and have, but most readers like to know which are the best period--public, private, whatever.

Your underlying point, though, is a good one. We're spoiled. We have to remind ourselves of that periodically and appreciate it when you do.

--Bob Carney