Golf Digest WomanJuly 9, 2011

5 comments overheard in the crowd

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. -- Sometimes, the most amusing moments of a golf tournament (especially when LPGA Tour players are around) happen when you eavesdrop on the gallery. I've done a good bit of walking on Saturday, and here are five comments I overheard:


  1. A man in his 20s speaking on his phone says, "Dude, I just took a picture of Michelle Wie! Um, yea...I'm totally hanging it up in my bedroom." (By the way, taking pictures and speaking on the phone are strictly prohibited. The man was obviously pumped.)

  2. About Ryann O'Toole: A man says to another, "I ate more fat at dinner last night than she has on her body."

  3. As Cristie Kerr walks down the fairway, a man says, "Smile, Cristie. It helps."

  4. About Ryann O'Toole: A woman asks a man, "Her skirt is kinda short, isn't it?" The man answers, "Honey, if you had those legs you'd also be wearing that skirt."

(Photo by Getty Images)

--Ashley Mayo