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The golf world is filled with tips and practice drills designed to help players improve their games. But if you don't know what advice to focus on—and don’t have a plan for putting the new information into action—you’ll continue to struggle.

In this video program, Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Brian Manzella solves both the “what” and the “how” for you. Manzella builds a three-week plan designed to upgrade your game from tee to green. Each week, you'll tackle one of the game's major areas. The first week is devoted to the concept of distance—how to get more of it off the tee, a predictable amount of it in iron play and dial it in with your short game. In the second week, you'll master solid contact—reducing off-center hits with the driver, playing from different lies around the green and striping your irons. In the third week, Manzella will show you how to play with more predictable shot shapes—less curve off the tee, the pros’ favorite iron shot and more weapons in wedge territory.

The result? After three weeks of specific work on easy-to-follow drills and concepts, you’ll have created a solid foundation for round after round of better shots and better decisions. Start your personal rebuild today!


1 Distance

2 Solid Contact

3 Ball Flight