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U.S. Open 2020: 6 rules adjustments we’d like to see at a fall U.S. Open

September 16, 2020

Cappi Thompson

It’s that time of the year once again. Magical majors season, when the trees burst into color and the hot apple cider floweth from every water cooler like wine. OK, so maybe the U.S. Open isn’t going to look quite how you remember it this year. Thanks to our good ol’ buddy COVID, Golf’s Toughest Test™ is now part of the fall sports landscape, and all (football, foliage, getting guilt tripped into going apple picking instead of drooling in front of the TV) that comes with it. But don’t worry, just because everything has changed, doesn’t mean everything has to change. In that spirit, we dreamed up a couple of autumnal U.S. Open adjustments that should keep things running smoothly come hell, high water, or even a little frost.

Leaf rule in effect


Cappi Thompson

You thought rules controversies were fun? Just add foliage!

Live fantasy football tracker on leader board

God help you if you finish last in JT’s league.

No white belts after Labor Day


Streeter Lecka

Sorry, DJ.

Have-to-put-on-a-light-jacket delays

Instead of nearby lightning, the horn will now sound if guys get a little chilly out there.

Toptracer lines now come in red, yellow, orange, and brown


Photosynthesis isn’t just for trees anymore.

Two-stroke penalty for playing Christmas music too early

Patrick Reed is going to do it, isn’t he?