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The easy stretch every golfer should make part of their daily routine

February 08, 2021

Many golfers struggle to make a good turn, largely because of the amount of time they spend sitting. When you sit too much, it can lead to tight hip flexors and hamstrings and a weak core, all muscles that affect your backswing turn.

But as golf trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel demonstrates in this video, you don’t have to leave your chair or couch to develop a better backswing. Follow along as she leads you through an exercise designed to stretch the upper body against a stable lower body. “If you can increase your range of motion, you’re going to have a better swing with more power,” Pimentel says, “and who doesn’t want that?”

Seated at the edge of a chair, with your hands behind your head, make a quarter turn to the left with your upper body, then tilt your left shoulder toward the ground as you inhale and exhale slowly. Without returning to the starting position, rotate a little farther, then tilt again. Finally, turn as far as you can and tilt one last time. Switch sides and make the same rotations to your right side.

Watch Pimentel demonstrate below:

This exercise is one of 24 circuit-training moves in Pimentel’s new three-part video series “15-Minute Fitness.” Each workout consists of two fast-paced circuits of four exercises, all of which you can perform from the comfort and convenience of your own home—and with minimal fitness equipment.

In condensed, 15-minute sessions, you’ll learn how to not only increase your range of motion but create more speed. Then, you need to be able to control that speed, so Pimentel offers exercises to help strengthen and stabilize your core and lower back. Try these workouts today, and give your tee shots a major boost.

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