'111 rich and powerful' members of Augusta National

April 12, 2015

The Augusta National Golf Club is famously and steadfastly private, notwithstanding one week a year, even keeping its membership rolls a closely-guarded secret to the extent it can.

Periodically, a journalism entity undertakes the arduous task of assembling at least a partial list of members. The latest to do so were Michael Buteau and Janet Paskin of Bloomberg Business, who have produced this list of "111 Rich and Powerful People Who Are Members of Augusta National."


(Getty Images)

Among some of the more interesting revelations:

— Five billionaires are members, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

— There seems to be a plethora of legacy members; 15 have Jr. after their names, 12 have III after theirs.

— Football has a strong representation, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann and legendary coach Lou Holtz.

— It has three women members: Condoleezza Rice (pictured here), Darla Moore and Virginia Rometty.