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Should PGA Tour events allow cell phones?

February 15, 2011

While the debate over whether cell phones should be allowed at golf clubs around the country wages on, a decision on their place at the game's highest level has been made.

According to the Associated Press, the PGA Tour announced on Tuesday that fans will be permitted to use personal mobile devices while attending tournaments. Phones must be kept on silent and can only be used in selected areas.

The tour had tried this out at a handful of recent tournaments, but will officially put the new policy into place full-time beginning at the Honda Classic next month. The rule does not include golf's four major championships.

The use of cell phones on golf courses is one of those issues that divides golfers (read Golf Digest Editor-In-Chief Jerry Tarde's thoughts on the matter as well). We are sure readers will voice their opinions, especially since there are plenty of questions to answer. Here are some:

Should cell phones be allowed on the course and for what purpose?

Is texting or emailing an acceptable alternative to chatting on the phone?

Is the PGA Tour making the right decision here? Will they regret it if someone's Brittney Spears ringtone goes off in the middle of Phil Mickelson's backswing in a crucial moment of a tournament?

As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

-- Alex Myers

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