Got aches, pains? Golf Pain Away says it has answers

March 26, 2013

Can it be this easy, to eliminate or lessen aches and pains with an all-natural roll-on? Yes, it can, according to those at Golf Pain Away.

An Australian, Ralph Linford, developed the product, which is marketed there under the brand name Elmore Oil. "It's one of the leading brands of all pain relievers in Australia," said Gary Sheppard, Golf Pain Away's new CEO.

The company was looking for a way to introduce it in the U.S. and determined that golf provided the best avenue. "We're developing a category of golf that's never been done," Sheppard said. "Millions of golfers suffer from some sort of ache and pain and no one had addressed that concern. No one was doing anything in pain relief."

Golf Pain Away contains olive, tea tree and eucalyptus oils and vanilla that is blended and allowed to mature. It is said to act as a natural circulatory stimulus that delivers pain relief equal to that of prescription products and will do so with arthritis, hip, back, neck and other joint pain.

"Roll it on and it takes about five to 10 minutes and will work for up to six hours," Sheppard said. "There's no limit to how often you can use it. You can use it repeatedly without any side effects."

Nick Price is a brand ambassador who discovered the product through a friend familiar with it. "Nick has chronic back issues. He said it alleviated his back pain and he wanted to get involved with the company," Sheppard said.

The product is available at all Golf Galaxy stores and will soon be available through PGA Superstores also is interested in stocking it, Sheppard said. It is available as well on the website at $40 for a twin pack.