TaylorMade TP5/X

Hot List Gold 2023

When you’re trying to make improvements that golfers with the fastest swing speeds will notice, aerodynamics is important. The flatter-bottom dimple here helps initial launch speed and maintains flight at the slowest speeds downrange to optimize distance.

The other area that maximizes performance for better players on these five-layer designs is just beneath that cast-urethane cover. The fourth layer is especially firm and resilient, which does two things. First, it boosts speed for optimal distance. Second, it allows the softer cover to more effectively pinch on short shots to create extra spin on chips and pitches. $50


TP5: The softer of the two models has added some speed with a larger core. The ball launches slightly lower but produces plenty of spin off the wedge.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


TP5X: For golfers with fast swing speeds, this ball enhances distance and generates plenty of green-holding spin. Golfers with average swing speeds likely can’t spin the X ball as much as they would like.


Performance: 5/5

Innovation: 5/5

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