Hot List Gold 2023

For 2023, Srixon focused on changes to the core to further enhance the differences among the three models. All three cores get progressively firmer from the center to the outer edges, but they progress at different levels and to different degrees.

One key change is that the XV no longer has a dual-core construction. The single core is a more efficient design yet still allows a firmer progression, which is intended to maximize distance. A compound in the urethane cover has also been reformulated to make the cover more pliable so that the urethane melds into the grooves of your wedges to maximize short-game spin.


Z-STAR: A low-compression and 20-percent thicker cover help make it the best choice for players who want the most spin.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


Z-STAR XV: With the thinnest cover and firmest compression, it targets the highest-speed players who want low-spin distance.


Z-STAR ◆: It’s got the XV’s firmness for distance but mixes a thicker cover for approach-shot spin.


Performance: 5/5

Innovation: 5/5

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