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Hot List Gold 2023

Getting better at golf-ball manufacturing sounds about as exciting and relevant as getting better at hospital corners. But Callaway’s multiyear commitment to pursuing precision golf-ball production—the tally by now is well over $50 million in improvements to its manufacturing capabilities at its Chicopee, Mass., plant—was about one thing: making its golf balls exactingly consistent for more potential distance and tighter dispersion. In short, better, tighter manufacturing opens up new areas of innovation. In this case, that meant a more efficiently explosive core and a sleeker aerodynamic pattern. $50


CS: The softest in the family targets average golfers and their larger mis-hit patterns. It flies the highest with the least spin.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


CS X: Played by most of Callaway’s tour players, this ball is for fast swingers who covet control.


CS X LS: This firmer ball is for faster swingers who play straighter shots but need a little more short-game spin than the Chrome Soft.


Performance 5/5

Innovation 5/5


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