Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)

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Hot List Silver 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: The best sole grinds are like an Estwing hammer. Good engineers help, but to get it right you need to do your research where head, nail and man meet. That’s why Wilson consulted its PGA Tour and European Tour staff players to create the three sole grinds on this family of wedges. They include a new “tour sole” with extra heel-side and trailing-edge relief.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The milled grooves are where the engineers really went to work. The redesigned grooves are now closer to each other by .017 inches (about half the thickness of a credit card). That increases the number of edges that make contact with the ball, especially helpful on partial shots. The larger Staff Model HT uses grooves that stretch all the way across the face. Read More >>

Price: $140
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* Percentage of total score

Player Comments

"I felt like I could really hold the ball on the face. The low trajectory even carried over to a lofted club in the sand."


"Very versatile around the green. Hit a lot of opened-up and touch pitches and was able to control them. Above average bunker performance."


“Simple but modern design. Really easy to control trajectory. Enough weight to get a pop out of the heavier stuff.”

Club Specs


12 options (46-60 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 1 finish

Surviving the Hot List Presented by Rapsodo

For the first time in the 19-year history of the Hot List, we invited a documentary-film crew to the 2022 testing summit to document the process, the people and the drama behind the most coveted assignment in golf.