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Titleist Vokey Design SM8 Review

Titleist Vokey Design SM8
Titleist Vokey Design SM8
Titleist Vokey Design SM8
Titleist Vokey Design SM8
Titleist Vokey Design SM8
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The Verdict: Past Vokey versions have focused on perfecting a progressive center of gravity where the CG is higher as loft increases to control spin and trajectory. That philosophy continues here, but this club also pushes the CG forward by lengthening the hosel and adding tungsten to the toe. This minimizes dynamic loft at impact for a consistently stable feel, particularly in half-wedge shots. As before, there are two groove shapes based on loft to optimize spin.
Loft: 23 options (46 to 62 degrees); 6 grinds, 4 finishes
Street Price: $160
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Player Comments
  • high
    An OK wedge if you’re into perfection. Answered every ask. Modern update but still classic looks.
  • low
    For the first time, these look modern, not classic, and I like it. It still has the familiar Vokey shape, but an updated look.
  • mid
    If you want to practice your short game all day, these they will inspire you to develop better touch. Incredible around the greens. Good bite with that nice little controlled trickle.