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Miura Tour Wedge/HB/K-Grind 2.0

Ping Glide Forged Review

Ping Glide Forged
Ping Glide Forged
Ping Glide Forged
Ping Glide Forged
Ping Glide Forged
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The Verdict: Compared to most wedges, the more compact shape and sole width fuels workability for skilled players and reduces turf resistance. A tapered, offset hosel harkens to Ping’s famous Eye2 wedge and helps the club skim through taller grass and sand. This also helps the face stay on its intended path so shots launch high and land softly. A “wheel-cut” precision-milled process results in sharp groove edges for increased friction. Read more >>
Loft: 6 options (50 to 60 degrees)
Street Price: $200
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Player Comments
  • high
    Easy to open the face. The ball checks up beautifully and was smooth out of the sand.
  • low
    They should call it the Glide and Rip. I got so much spin around the green. It's forgiving, so a 20-handicapper could actually use a good player wedge.
  • mid
    Spins more than a politician. Stops on a dime, and you can be aggressive because of that. It will check up right by the hole.