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The Verdict: Altering the head shape by loft isn't an aesthetic exercise here. Rather, it was done to calibrate how each loft presents different performance requirements. As loft increases, more mass is placed toward the top of the blade. That raises the center of gravity, which yields two things most players prefer in their higher-lofted wedges: flight control and increased spin. Other popular Mizuno features are here, too. That includes grooves and sole grinds that change with loft, and a forged carbon-steel design that uses boron for durability.
Loft: 9 stock (20 custom) options (46-62 degrees)
Street Price: $150
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  • 4.51
  • 4.51
    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low-Handicapper
    Nice, compact look. Terrific around the green. Easy out of the bunker.
  • mid-Handicapper
    Amazed how it consistently gets through the worst lies.
  • high-Handicapper
    Nice contrast between the hitting area and grooves.