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Titleist Vokey Design SM8

Fourteen DJ-4 Review

Fourteen DJ-4
Fourteen DJ-4
Fourteen DJ-4
Fourteen DJ-4
Fourteen DJ-4
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Miura Tour Wedge/HB/K-Grind 2.0

The Verdict: The game-improvement appearance might cause you to overlook the subtleties of this players wedge. Notable is the versatile sole, which uses its leading-edge angle to facilitate clean contact on full swings from the fairway. It also relies on its width and ample bounce to power through deep rough and bunkers. The cavity-back provides forgiveness, and the thicker top of the blade raises the center of gravity for better spin and trajectory control.
Loft: 9 options (41 to 60 degrees)
Street Price: $240
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • mid
    Plows through the sand. Plenty of spin whenever you need it. The weighting just feels right.
  • low
    It's a better sole for hitting full shots. Less inclined to dig than others. The cavity gives you a little extra pop. It's a fine line, but they got it with this.
  • high
    A forward-looking design. I was in charge of the club through the turf, and it got into the air quick. Lower-trajectory shots rolled out the perfect amount.