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CBX ZipCore/Full Face

Hot List Gold 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: The CBX wedges brought the most aggressive tour-style grooves to “game-improvement wedges.” That design adds more help because it now brings the weight savings of ZipCore, a low-density aluminum silicate compound that fills the inner low-heel area. That redistributes 14 grams to increase the overall stability in the head for better consistency in launch, distance, spin and feel—a good thing, given the inconsistency of game-improvement golfers.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Cleveland has simplified sole grinds for those who have day jobs. Yes, there are three sole grinds, but only one per loft. Each grind matches how that loft will typically be used. The grinds get more versatile as the lofts increase because as lofts increase more types of shots are played. Read More >>

Price: $140/$150
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Player Comments

“A huge sole. But if you’re going to get help, you might as well get all of it. It pretty much deletes fat shots.”


"For a traditionalist you might not pick it up but once you hit them you feel like you're hitting a small, traditional wedge. Cuts through the turf on the full shots and that carries over to the bunker and greenside chips. Remarkably, the soft feel carries over as well."


"It's got a really nice feel off the face, you hear it and feel it in your hands. I like that you can see more grooves at address. Makes you think you can really spin it before even swinging. Greenside, you can go low or high and still get the ball to stop."

Club Specs


13 options (44-64 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 2 finishes

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