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Wilson Launch Pad Review

Wilson Launch Pad
Wilson Launch Pad
Wilson Launch Pad
Wilson Launch Pad
Wilson Launch Pad
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The Verdict: User error is a common problem among high-handicappers, and Wilson makes a strong effort here to mitigate that and build some player confidence. To do that, the hollow, hybrid-like irons focus on the bottom of the club. Specifically, a progressively wide sole is designed to make turf interaction feel like hitting off a mat, thus reducing the number of chunked shots. A slightly raised leading edge also helps you from hitting shots fat. Read more >>
Loft: 7-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 44 degrees
Street Price: $115 (per iron)
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Player Comments
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    The clubhead wanted to get down and stay down through the shot. As such, turf interaction was great.
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    Very crisp sound at impact. Pleasing for sure. All of the good vibrations go up into your hands. Forgiving on mis-hits.
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    Great ball strike. Comes right off of the club with a nice flight. Straightforward to right height.