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Hot List Gold 2022

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WHAT IT DOES: Titleist revamped its T-Series but left this model intact. Aimed at creating as much speed as possible, the company leaned into its experience creating utility irons. That led to a hollow construction in the long irons instead of a cavity-back design and the use of a high-strength-steel L-face (where the bottom part of the insert wraps around the sole of the club) in the 5- through 7-irons. This allows the face—particularly the bottom part of the club—to flex more at impact. True Temper’s AMT Red is not only lightweight, but each shaft gets progressively heavier by three grams to make long irons easier to launch and short irons more controllable.

WHY WE LIKE IT: There’s a stigma attached to super-game-improvement irons that only 25-handicappers should use them. But what about those who play the game a little better and could still use some help? This iron should be a consideration. The lofts are obscenely strong (a 38-degree pitching wedge), but the appropriate launch is achieved by using a remarkable amount of tungsten (up to 100 grams in some irons) that gets the center of gravity low enough to produce powerful shots that get up in the air. Read more >>

Price: $185/per iron
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Player Comments

"A heavier feel that translates to a solid strike at impact with plenty of speed, It's almost like it's driving the weight into the ball with nothing to stop it."


"Love the sound these make. The ball jumps off the face of the club with a hiss. Forgiveness is consistent whether it was toeing or heeling shots."


“A sharp-looking club. The feel off the face is flush even on off-center hits. It goes through the turf easily without digging. The long irons go incredibly far.”

Club Specs


7-iron; 26 degrees; PW: 38 degrees

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