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The Verdict: How do you help eliminate operator error? The half-hollow irons (up to the 8-iron) place weight where hackers need it, and the wide soles allow these clubs to make up for a lot of bad swings. Three hybrids can be substituted for the long irons for a modest $100 extra.
Loft: 6-iron: 28 degrees; PW: 45
Street Price: $600
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Player Comments
  • high-Handicapper
    Even shots with over-the-top swings had some air under them.
  • high-Handicapper
    So forgiving. It was like the ball was trying to straighten itself out in flight.
  • high-Handicapper
    No dig at all with the sole. Even shots hit fat got a good result.
  • high-Handicapper
    It’s soft feeling without being too soggy.