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WHAT IT DOES: The original T200 was a great club, but some believed it looked too much like a game-improvement iron. Titleist addressed that concern by slimming down the size and shape of the topline and sole and having less offset. Also, the impact screw on the back of the iron in the original is now gone. In its place is a hollow design that supports the thin face with an internal-polymer core centered behind the face with a lightweight back plate made of a unique polymer used widely in auto parts, pipe fittings and electronic housings to absorb and redistribute energy. This saves weight over steel, allowing internal ribbing to be added to improve sound.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Calling an audible on an iron design that was successful is a risk, but it paid off in this case. Titleist even needed 10 patents to do it (standard is two or three). Players, however, could care less about the legal maneuvering. What they will care about is nearly 100 grams of tungsten spread between heel and toe sections (more than any iron in the T-series family) and the aggressively thin, high-strength SUP10 steel in the L-shaped face (where the lower portion wraps partially around the sole) for faster ball speeds.


Price: $186/per iron
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Player Comments

"There's enough offset that you feel squared up, but not so much you fear drawing it too much. It lets you play your preferred shape. I also like how the sole allows you get to the turf without digging."


“These look like what a golf club would be if it wore a tuxedo. Fantastic distance. The substance inside the clubhead produces an awesome sound.”


"These allow you to put your swing on cruise control. You don't have to try hard at all. The ball just goes where you want it to go. Makes you want to go on the range and keep swinging it."

Club Specs


7-iron: 31 degrees; PW: 43 degrees

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