2019 Best Players-Distance Irons

Low handicappers rarely suffer a power outage, yet some can use a yardage boost. These irons provide that distance shot in the arm.


Let’s face it—everyone wants to hit the ball longer. Not just off the tee, but with your irons as well. That’s particularly true of players drawn to clubs in the Players-Distance category. Although low handicappers rarely suffer a power outage, some of them can still use a yardage boost. Today’s Players-Distance irons provide that distance shot in the arm.

In recent years the inclination of designers has been to produce as many yards as humanly possible without sacrificing look or launch angle. Innovations such as cupfaces (first used in drivers) where the face wraps around the topline and sole, boost ball speed by providing more face flex. Others thin the face to create a better trampoline. The use of multiple materials also is prevalent, in many cases tungsten weights to move the center of gravity to help elevate the ball. Of course none of this appeals to the better player if the sound is like a cymbal clashing or a cat having its tail stepped on. Designers have paid attention here as well, using polymers and badges to damp unwanted vibration while protecting ball speed.

Players-Distance irons are their own unique breed. The shape says better player: relatively thin soles and toplines with shapes that flow rather than look angular. The technological aim, however, is to make a player with skills who has dropped a few yards over time get into beast mode again.