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Phantom X (2022)

Hot List Gold 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: The Phantom X line’s unencumbered but intelligent use of multiple materials augments the tour-approved feel and sound of the face. Golfers of just about any handicap want forgiveness, and this putter delivers it.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Like Darlene Love singing “Baby Please Come Home” during the holidays, this hits all the right notes and feels thanks to a precision-milled stainless steel paired with aircraft-grade aluminum. The latest Phantom X line features 10 models, including a new No. 7 that seems almost like a next-generation Newport with stabilizer wings. The slant-neck versions of the X5, X7, X9 and X11 mallets carry a “.5” designation and work better for strokes that have more of a blade-like natural arc.

Price: $430
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Player Comments

"The word's overused. But the feel is so connected, so sturdy, so unified, that there can only be one word. Just a solid, solid club. Nothing else to say."


"The consistency on mishits and how the ball rolled out is great. The feel is firm enough to offer feedback but not so harsh that it's not pleasing."


“Futuristic without being outlandish. Great weight balance and distribution with a firm impact.”

Club Specs

10 models; Head Weight: 350-370 grams; Length: 33-35 inches

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