2019 Best Mallet Putters

Are you a great putter? No? A mallet's forgiveness changes everything


If you’re still holding out on trying a mallet putter due to a bias against the larger silhouette, we urge you to take a step back and look at all the tour pros making the change. More and more mallets are making appearances in top players’ bags. Look closely enough, and you’ll find many of the medal winners in the 2019 Hot List.

So why do tour players and amateurs love the move to the mallet? Stability. More mass in the head means it’s heavier than your standard blade putter. The moment of inertia is higher, which means it’s going to torque less during the stroke. The less the putter torques, the more likely the clubface is coming into the ball square—and we all know what that means: more putts rolling dead-straight at the hole.

On the faces of these winning putters you’ll find a lot of the same technology you’ve seen in the blade putter category: fully milled faces for improved roll on off-center hits, and faces with inserts to give a soft sound and feel. Basically, if you’re worried that the bigger head is going to sound clunky, don’t. The face technology is sophisticated enough to make sure that doesn't happen.

The larger surface area on the top of the heads has been utilized to make improved alignment aids on many of the models on our list. From shapes, to colors, to lines, there are many different tools in place to help you line it up.

If you’ve been considering trying a mallet, there’s no time like right now.