2018 Best Mallet Putters

Bulky, maybe, but they can improve your aim, make your misses roll true, even steady your stroke. Time to see what you're missing


Think you’re too good of a player to be using a mallet? Tell that to Justin Thomas, who put one in the bag on his way to winning Player of the Year honors. Ditto with Dustin Johnson in his rise to prominence. As evidenced in the 2018 Hot List selections, there’s a reason why these top players have made the switch.

At the forefront of a mallet’s benefits is stability. It’s the basis for the club’s massive structure, and why the head is heavier than a blade. This is done to redistribute mass to build the flat stick’s moment of inertia. Important in the club’s fight against torque, which moves the face during the stroke and correlates to more missed, off-center putts. For those that struggle keeping the club on the right swing path, the extra weight lessens the odds of inconsistency.

But, while added mass is the primary value a mallet brings to the table, it’s far from the only virtue.

The same impact-softening materials used on blades are often found in their club’s counterparts. Same goes with milled patterns and inserts on the face. A long-held stigma is that mallets compromised feel and sound in the pursuit of forgiveness. That is no longer the case.

Better yet, while the massive frames may not be as artistic as blades, they’re not eyesores by any means. Along with the assistance of sight lines, the mallets do not distract from the player’s visual experience.

In short, the mallet is no longer a funny-looking instrument for the weak. It’s a weapon of great power.