Valero Texas Open

TPC San Antonio (Oaks Course)



Hot List Gold 2023

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: Rather than designing a hybrid to be just a little bit better than the iron it’s replacing, Ping’s philosophy is refreshingly practical. Hybrids by their nature should be full of all the help they can possibly provide because the player who really needs a hybrid isn’t looking for subtlety. Hence, Ping brings the house here, wrapping the thin steel face around the crown, toe and sole for better overall flexing. Then, for the first time, it adds a carbon-composite crown that wraps around the edges of the perimeter to save mass. The saved weight is redistributed low and to the perimeter for better launch and more stability on mis-hits. Finally, again, because hybrids can really help challenged golfers, Ping extends the range deep into the iron set, even providing a replacement for your 7-iron. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Another reason Ping gets what hybrids should really be: The way these faces curve from crown to sole improves how shots hit low on the face perform. With less loft on the lower part of the face, thin shots will launch with less spin for better velocity and more distance. In other words, they perform better on our worst shots, which is why we have hybrids in the first place. Read more>>

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Price: G430 $325
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Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
“The design helps with alignment. The clubhead is slightly larger for this category and connotes power, but it had no issues going through the turf.”
Handicap, 8
"I really like the matte finish on the crown. There's a lot of embellishments here, but they're not shouting at me. They really worked together like a string quartet. The sound is satisfying and tympanic, similar to the feel. Very sympatico with this one." Very forgiving, with a tendency to want to go straight and high, which will help a lot of people hit a lot of greens."
Handicap, 15
"Right amount of out and up. The crown is a nice design. Black near the ball, which frames it, then merging into a lighter carbon look to camouflage the size of the head."
Handicap, 0
Club Specs
Models Shaft Shaft Flex Dexterity Price
G430 PING ALTA Black, PING Tour 2.0, Chrome, PING ALTA Quick, HZDROUS Smoke Red, Mitsubishi Kai'Li White SR, R, S, X Left Hand / Right Hand $325.00


Name Loft Length Lie Head (CC) Weight
G430 2H 17.00 40.75 57.00 235
G430 3H 19.00 40.25 57.50 240
G430 4H 22.00 39.75 58.00 245
G430 5H 26.00 39.25 58.50 250
G430 6H 30.00 38.75 59.00 255
G430 7H 34.00 38.25 59.50 260

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