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The Verdict: In the nine iterations of Ping's G series irons, the head shapes have swung between game improvement and nearly super game improvement. The G400 is the former, and it's a move we applaud. Referred to as the company's "game enjoyment" iron, it delivers the off-center-hit performance this player category needs. The keys are a thinned-out undercut on the iron's top rail and an improved variable face thickness that expand the area of the face that flexes. The saved weight is used for perimeter weighting.
Loft: 7-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 44.5 degrees
Street Price: Set of eight: $900
  • 4.51
  • 4.51
  • 4.51
    Look / Sound / Feel
  • 51
Player Comments
  • mid-Handicapper
    Love the look at address. It's almost like it's cupping the ball, lending a helping hand.
  • high-Handicapper
    If high, consistent, easy-to-hit irons appeal to you, then you need to land here.