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Rogue ST Max

Hot List Gold 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: When designing clubs for golfers who aren’t even qualifying for their club championship, let alone a tour event, every detail matters. For example: The center of gravity is 50 percent lower than its predecessor to boost launch angle. A progressive hosel is longer in the long irons and shorter in the short irons. Why? More weight in the hosel helps the face rotate more easily, which less-skilled players need in their long irons, but not scoring clubs.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rogue ST Max is unabashedly about creating distance. Sure, the 41-degree pitching wedge leaves you shaking your head and saying, Really? But this is not just a case of chasing distance through loft jacking. The real boost comes from a springy 450 steel wraparound cupface designed with the use of artificial intelligence. A large wedge of tungsten is set low inside the clubhead and surrounded by a urethane compound. That compound is then impregnated with millions of microscopic spheres of air encased in small glass bubbles. The material is positioned in the iron up to the sixth scoreline on the face, in line with where most impacts occur, providing a cushy feel and still allowing the face to flex. Read more >>

Price: $130/per iron
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Player Comments

"Turf interaction was above average. The offset was comforting and framed the ball well. Launched exceptionally high and that is what makes a good game-improvement iron."


“A perfect little click at impact. The ball certainly launches. They doubled the height of my average iron shot without sacrificing much distance.”


"I like the finish, very sharp look. A lot under the hood. It packs a punch. It doesn't take a lot of effort to swing the club and the ball just takes off. It has a large sweet spot."

Club Specs


7-iron: 27.5 degrees; PW: 41 degrees

From the Manufacturer

For the first time in the industry, Callaway has combined high strength 450 steel with an A.I. designed Flash Face Cup. Callaway has also continued to push innovation through patented Urethane Microspheres and have massively increased the Precision Tungsten Weighting.

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