2018 Best Game-Improvement Irons

Higher, farther, straighter: These irons for the everyman continue to provide new levels of versatility and performance


Higher, farther, straighter. Those words equal nirvana for most golfers. Unfortunately, most golfers can't get there on their own. You know who you are. You're breaking 90 but still lack confidence with any club longer than a 6-iron. And you'll always choose more yards over control—as long as it's presented in a conventional package.

Today's game-improvement irons are clubs for the everyman that continue to provide new levels of versatility and performance with enough distance to still puff your chest out every once in a while. Assisting in this endeavor are thin faces that flex for distance and often use multiple materials, such as tungsten weights to help position the center of gravity in a location that gives launching the ball a boost. And because you're not some chopper, all this needs to be accomplished in a look that doesn't make you shudder at address and with a sound that doesn't leave a ringing in your ears after impact.

The game-improvement irons on this year's Hot List check all those important boxes. As you might expect, the category geared towards the largest segment of golfers also has a variety of clubs with a wide array of attributes. But with some diligent research (and the help of a qualified fitter) you might just find your own nirvana.