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Honma TW737 FW/FWC

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The Verdict: Titleist is expanding its adjustability beyond the hosel. A new cylindrical weight along the sole flips to change the behavior of the club. Heavier on one end, it lets you promote a fade or draw. Meanwhile, all that direction gets a power boost with a newly designed (and covered) channel that's cut through the sole to provide more rebound. The larger F2 is more forgiving and launches high; the smaller F3 is more workable.
Loft: 15, 16.5, 18, 21/ 13.5, 15.5
Street Price: $320
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Player Comments
  • low-Handicapper
    Stable flight. It just looks like it's holding a perfect pattern in the air.
  • mid-Handicapper
    A shockingly easy club to hit—like Titleist for the masses.
  • high-Handicapper
    It just explodes at impact, and it was incredibly easy off the deck.