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TaylorMade SIM Review

TaylorMade SIM
TaylorMade SIM
TaylorMade SIM
TaylorMade SIM
TaylorMade SIM
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TaylorMade SIM Max/Max D

The Verdict:

This fairway wood features a titanium body that’s 40-percent lighter than the typical steel fairway wood, a carbon- composite crown that weighs less than a nickel, and an alloy for the face that’s 20-percent stronger than the titanium used in a driver. This combination generates better speed off the face and saves enough weight for an 80-gram sole plate that lowers the center of gravity for improved spin and launch. Read more >>

Loft: 14, 15, 19 (all adjustable)
Street Price: $400
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • high
    Confidence-inspiring. You can feel the weight low. I had a good sense of where the club always was.
  • low
    Nice mid-shaped head. Sits well wiether you're off the tee or turf. Not too balloony.
  • mid
    Low-medium piercing flight, just wanted to run and run and run. Perfect alternative to driver on a tight par 4. Ball came off the face hot, but it was very quiet. Perfect combination of sound and feel. I say "line drives," because it sounded like a bat connecting on a line drive, only quiet.