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The Verdict: Built to be lower-spinning than the 0341, it uses a carbon-fiber crown to lower the center of gravity. A thermoplastic-elastomer insert inside the club is designed to control sound and save weight. The sole features nine adjustable weight screws. The silver ones are made of tungsten, and the black ones are titanium. You can move them around to get the fade or draw ball flight you desire. The adjustable hosel lets you change loft by plus or minus 1.5 degrees.
Loft: 13, 15, 18, 21 (all adjustable +1.5/-1.5 degrees)
Street Price: $650
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Player Comments
  • low-Handicapper
    You can work the ball and maintain good distance.
  • mid-Handicapper
    It doesn't have the highest forgiveness, but if you put a good swing on it, you won't be disappointed.
  • high-Handicapper
    I love the dark finish and the contrasting white scoring lines.