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ST-X 220

Hot List Silver 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: Not all fairway-wood lofts are used in the same way. Specifically, for a lot of players, the 3-wood essentially serves as a second driver instead of a club used for approach shots. That’s why the 3-wood here is treated more like a driver. It features a larger size and an all-titanium construction. (The 5-wood and 7-wood, however, use steel for a more compact footprint.) The 3-wood incorporates the same high-strength beta-titanium alloy that gives the Mizuno drivers extra pop. A wave structure at the front of the sole on all lofts helps increase ball speed as well.

WHY WE LIKE IT: You don’t have to be a tour player to need a backup driver in your bag, but the clubs that often fill that role in the market aren’t always designed with forgiveness in mind. This more forgiving 3-wood also features a slightly heelward center of gravity. That makes it easier to square the face at impact and provides a little more draw spin for those who fight a slice. Also, whether titanium or steel, both feature a waffle pattern on the interior of the crown. This makes it thinner and lighter to allow more mass to be shifted low for reduced spin and higher launch.

Price: $300
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Player Comments

"Simple alignment tool. The pitch was higher than I would have liked. But the ball was trampolining off the face and gave pretty good distance."


"Launched the ball high and straight, even with a slower swing speed. Easy to cut right through the turf, like butter. Don't lose any distance off the ground vs. the tee. Ball comes out hot."


"A hot metallic sound. A little louder, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s announcing its presence. Great turf interaction. Consistently gets the ball up."

Club Specs


16, 18.5, 21.5

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