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The Verdict: The "spaceport" not only looks cool, it saves four grams by removing the need for glue. What's saved is used for a tungsten weight that's low and forward to power shots with less spin. Combined with a carbon-fiber crown, this creates a center of gravity that's lower than other fairway woods. The CG lines up with the center of the face for optimal energy transfer and low spin.
Loft: 13-16, 16-19
Street Price: $300
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  • 4.51
  • 4.51
  • 51
    Look / Sound / Feel
  • 21
Player Comments
  • low-Handicapper
    The head shape suits my eye. It's easy off the deck, and I had good ball speed on a launch monitor.
  • mid-Handicapper
    This club finds that extra gear: The ball just kept rising.
  • high-Handicapper
    Tinkering with the lofts tuned its performance. Feel is substantial.