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PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2 Review

PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2
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The Verdict: The titanium face gets a lot of the attention, but it’s the nonmetal pieces inside and outside these drivers that merit highlighting. First, the carbon- composite crown saves weight to increase adjustability options on the 0811 X and forgiveness on the 0811 XF. But the crown is also thicker and raised slightly to provide a stiffer area around the face to concentrate more rebound into the ball. Second, there’s a layer of soft elastomer in a honeycomb pattern lining the sole to control vibration and improve sound. The sole weights switch around so you can adjust spin, trajectory and direction.
Loft: 0811X: 9, 10.5, 12; 0811XF: 9, 10.5, 12, 14. (all adjustable)
Street Price: $575
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Player Comments
  • high
    The muted finish and carbon-weave pattern make squaring the club at address easy. Weight is well-balanced. Even hits high on the face went far. It masks my misses.
  • low
    No-glare, matte finish, simple alignment tool. Sits nice and square. Had a nice surpressed sound to it. Still had power behind it. Very consistent with the ball flight. What you heard and is what you saw.
  • mid
    Love the matte finish. I like the x as an alignment piece, too. And it sounded like a gun with a silencer. The only issue might have been some reduced workability on the XF, but long and straight make you forget about that.