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Callaway GBB Epic/Sub Zero

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The Verdict: The key to making an easy-to-hit driver is finding ways to mix lighter materials with heavier ones. The weight saved can be moved to the perimeter for better forgiveness. Callaway has done that with a driver whose shape comprises multiple pieces of light carbon composite, including a crown made from a material that’s 65-percent lighter than titanium. In fact, aside from the flexible titanium face, the driver’s body is skeletal sections of titanium connected by carbon-composite panels. It makes for the most stable driver in Callaway’s history. Need more help? A 44½-inch version (one inch shorter than standard) is also available.
Loft: 9, 10.5, 13.5 (adjustable +2/-1)
Street Price: $400
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  • 4.51
  • 4.51
  • 41
    Look / Sound / Feel
  • 3.51
Player Comments
  • low-Handicapper
    The construction is unorthodox, but I quickly forgot about that thanks to the elusive combo of straight and long.
  • mid-Handicapper
    The numbers I get on the launch monitor are consistent no matter where I hit it on the face.
  • mid-Handicapper
    Sorry, I judged her by her looks. And I was wrong. Really consistent. The sound was average but the ball stayed on its flight path for days. Penetrating. Easy to swing.
  • high-Handicapper
    Soft impact, but the ball still jumps off the face.
  • high-Handicapper
    Gets the ball in the air in a hurry. Overall just a solid performer.