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TP Patina Collection


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TaylorMade gets attention for its modern Spider mallets, but its TP Patina Collection reflects a more classic look and finish. Still, nodding to the Spider’s technological influence, the TP Patina now has a thicker face insert than past models. The soft-aluminum insert is attached using screws to eliminate space between the body of the putter and the insert to ensure a solid feel. The insert also features downward-facing grooves that reduce backspin on the launch of a putt for a quicker forward roll. The tarnished black-copper and nickel finish provides a clean and compact profile. An array of fresh but classic blade shapes and necks appeal to multiple playing preferences. Adjustable screws (2.5 to 20 grams) can vary the weight through a custom fitting or with the separate purchase of weights. Read more >>

Price: $250
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  • high

    Excels in all areas: short putts, long putts, feel and roll. The easy heft lets you make an aggressive move through the ball.

  • mid

    The face almost caresses the ball softly on the dreaded 4-footer and the monster 25-foot sidewinder. Performed admirably in both.

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