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WHAT IT DOES: There are four blade models in this line: Two are designed for golfers with strong-arcing strokes and the other two are for golfers with slight-arcing strokes. The putterface features a soft material for the front section and a firmer material on the back section to dial in the feel recommended by the company’s tour staff.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The multimaterial designs promote forgiveness on mis-hits. The three Anser versions (Anser, Anser 2, Anser 4) and the Kushin 4 all use a stainless-steel head with tungsten heel and toe weights to provide the highest stability ever in a Ping blade. The grooves on the face are a uniform five-thousandths of an inch deep, which results in a softer impact but with the full retention of ball speed as if you had a perfectly smooth face.

Price: $270-$380
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Player Comments

"Jumps off the face yet is still controllable, doesn't get away from you. Classic look with a modern design. Everything was consistent, what you saw matched what you felt and heard. Aim and fire."


“The strikes sounded solid, and the ball started on line every time with a consistent end-over-end roll.”


"Super easy to line up. Always goes where you want it to. Medium feel that could work for a lot of players. Off-center hits on long putts still go within the gimme range. Rolls very true on short putts."

Club Specs

4 models; Head Weight: 350-360 grams; Length: 33-36 inches

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