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White Hot OG


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Now, this really is a blast from the distant past. The first White Hot putters produced such a cult following that tour players have continued to ask for the decades-old insert. So Odyssey decided to bring it back for the buying public as well. The new White Hot OG (“original gangster”) features the same composition and construction of the original insert. The two-part urethane design somehow balances a sound and feel that’s soft yet responsive. Thanks to a consistent rebound at impact, the insert delivers a reliable roll, too. Though the insert stays true to the original, the exterior of the putter is full of current thinking. This includes offering a wider-blade option and a new version of the Stroke Lab shaft. The steel-tipped graphite shaft is now seven grams lighter but just as stable for better stroke tempo. Read more >>

Price: $220-$270
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    Right up there with the best you’ll find—top-shelf. Love the response at impact. Sounds quiet but solid on all lengths.

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    Soft—but not too soft—with great feedback and very consistent sound and feel no matter the length. Ball rolls out really nice end over end just what you expect to get the extra couple of inches into the hole.

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