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WHAT IT DOES: The rightfully subdued changes to these classic milled putters still result in fully felt effects. Take the sole weighting. Centered in the past, weight ports in the sole now sit forward in the heel and toe. That stabilizes off-center hits and keeps the overall center of gravity lower and forward for better distance and dispersion control. They’re adjustable to better match the golfer’s specs.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Milled blade putters and technology meet about as often as beer commercials and 19th-century Danish existentialism, but there’s serious work here. This includes the graphite and steel Stroke Lab shaft that provides a higher balance point for increased consistency. The new full-groove face pattern also enhances friction for quicker initial forward roll.

Price: $450
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Player Comments

"The rounded edges of the toe and heel really soften the look. Really responsive, surprisingly so. You had to figure it out."


"The sound and feel is exactly what you expect for a milled putter like this: A firmness without the harshness, and that was true on both long and short putts. The roll alone is worth picking it up. Everything gets to the hole and everything rolls out."


“Matching dark materials makes for a cohesive package. My stroke feels smooth. I always know where the head is.”

Club Specs

3 models; Head Weight: 360 grams; Length: 33-35 inches

From the Manufacturer

Toulon Design putters are developed with an obsessive attention to detail, exacting precision, and Tour-proven performance. They’re meticulously crafted to be the best milled putters in the world.

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