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Hot List Gold 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: The Japanese word omoi, loosely translated, means “heavy” or “deep thought.” That name aptly applies here because Mizuno’s decision to use a slightly heavier putterhead was carefully considered. The extra mass in the head works in concert with a shaft and grip that are lighter than standard to produce a putter with increased off-center-hit stability and an overall weight balance that works to smooth out the stroke for more consistency.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The precise use of extra weight in this single-piece, forged carbon-steel putterhead creates more pure strokes for better results, all without stepping outside the comfort zone of traditional looks. The company applied the sound analysis it uses in its irons to these putters, resulting in less noise and a solid sensation at impact.

Price: $350
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Player Comments

"Nice clean, compact look. Sits square at address. Simple alignment aid. Sound/feel was pleasant to the ears. Nice pop to it. Wasn't distracting. Ball responded well coming off face."


“Light, easy, yet remains stable and steady through the impact zone, even on delicate putts. Great distance control.”


"Really classic clean lines, nothing fancy but nothing distracting. Soft, but in a firm way, like a memory foam pillow. Very easy distance control, very easy to line up."

Club Specs

2 models; Head Weight: 370 grams; Length: 34, 35 inches

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