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It isn’t just that Mizuno likes the idea of forged premium 1025 mild carbon steel in its irons. No, its team understands the metal and how to engineer feel. That’s why its putters are forged from the same metal, and it’s why the line in its second year added new models, including a wide-body blade. (Truth be told, the mallets are al-most compact enough to be blades, too.) These putters are forged then CNC milled, ensuring a precise shape that delivers soft feel at impact. The deep-milling process across the face also creates more consistent roll. With Mizuno’s heritage in fitting, it’s only logical that each head uses two switchable sole weight ports. The choice of three pairs of weight screws, included for free, allows all golfers to find the right weight balance for their strokes. Read more >>

Price: $300
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    The matte finish tones down any glare. Impossibly soft feel gives you the control and conviction to go at the cup.

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    I really enjoy the color schemes and design. A modern take on a classic look. That it puts a nice and consistent roll on the ball doesn't hurt.

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