Butterfield Bermuda Championship

Port Royal Golf Course

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Classic lines, yes, but Evnroll designer Guerin Rife continues to chase innovation in roll, dispersion and even fitting. To turn the putter’s sweet spot into a sweet face, Rife designed variable-width channels on the face that start out wider in the center and get gradually narrower toward the toe and heel. This construction enhances forward roll and progressively redirects mis-hits down the target line at impact. The series includes shorter, wider heel and toe-weighted flange blades that are milled at two weights to maintain the swing weight at any length. The same heads in the V-Series can be matched with any of four hosels—switched out easily with the kind of wrench used on adjustable drivers. An internally weighted “gravity grip” is intended to better link the hands and putter throughout the stroke.

Price: $400-$420
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    The thin, elongated grip seems unusual, but it made everything feel stable. The tone was expressive, resonant.

  • high

    Louder higher tone that makes you think you hit a bad putt, as it then rolls to the cup. The roll is smooth and accurate, this thing performs.

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