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Edel E.A.S. Review

Edel E.A.S.
Edel E.A.S.
Edel E.A.S.
Edel E.A.S.
Edel E.A.S.
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The Verdict: Like past Edel models, the E.A.S. removes weight from underneath the toe, reducing torque—i.e., less resistance—to the way the putter opens and closes during the stroke. The idea is that the putter more easily stays square to the target. A milled face with hex patterns, large around the middle and small near the ends, maintains speed across the face. The E.A.S. has 10 alignment scenarios to dial in your ideal setup.
Street Price: $500
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Player Comments
  • mid
    The face is so soft. You get a good reaction off the face whether you killed it or hit it softly.
  • low
    Putter was balanced but what I loved about it is the alignment aid on top and in the cavity was genius. Helped keep my putts online.
  • high
    Feels like it has a beautiful balance when you pick it up. Nice weighting that gives a good feel to the entire putter. Very nice touch and feel to the club. Right after impact, you can tell how the putt is going to go.