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Huntington Beach Soft Premier


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The right putter isn’t only about the event at impact. The design also considers how the clubhead gets to the ball. That’s why this line features two grip options. They not only give players a choice but provide guidance in fitting: a thinner grip for those with arcing strokes and a standard grip for those with a straight-on, face-balanced path. Of course, these putters do the work at impact, too. The face’s deep milling pattern is more dense in the center and then gradually spaces apart. The changing friction produces more consistent roll by enhancing the energy transfer on mis-hits so that they roll more like on-center hits. The pattern is unique to each head shape to match up with its natural stability on off-center hits. Read more >>

Price: $160
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    Traditional blade design might not immediately jump off the page, but performance on mid-range and short putts will.

  • high

    Pistol grip helps hands settle comfortably for overlap and keep the left hand active. Soft without being too quiet.

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