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You’ve likely heard that putter design is more art than science, but designer Robert J. Bettinardi has long demonstrated that the art is the science. The Queen B series of one-piece, milled-carbon steel blades is perhaps his most clear expression of that understanding. The tweaks made for 2021 are subtle but functional: The heads have a slightly different shape from past models, including a wider flange to help with consistency through the stroke. However, a thinner, tour-inspired topline prevents the putter from appearing bulkier. The new rose gold PVD finish gives the Queen B an elegant look, but it’s also functional—more durable with cleaner sightlines and reduced glare. Finally, the Queen B’s “micro-honeycomb” milling pattern on the face provides a firm, responsive feel. Read more >>

Price: $400
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    The bronze finish is so attractive that it inspires better putting. My putts roll well with a sturdy, solid feel.

  • low

    Love the shape of the head. Really fits my eye and helps me line up the ball. Nice gold finish as well minimize the reflection.

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