2019 Best Blade Putters

Smooth roll, yes, but now putters are making your stroke better, too.


The putter can be both the easiest and the hardest club in the bag to part with. On one hand, it’s just one club, so it’s simple enough to grab a new putter off the rack. Sometimes, though, the memories with your old putter make you hold it tight. If you’re one of those golfers who has a long, emotional history with your putter and just can’t think to let it go, we dare you to take a look at the medal winners in the blade putter category. The 2019 Hot List blade putter selections feature technology that’ll have you rethinking that old trusty putter in no time.

As the name would suggest, many blade putters still hold the same general profile of an Anser-esque club. Within this classic shape, however, is a whole lot of technology. In some models, you’ll find heel-toe weighting to aid in stabilizing the stroke. On the faces, you’ll find both milled faces—to help with off-center hits—and then inserts to soften the feel at impact.

This year we saw more shaft technology than in years past. There’s the option now to have a partially graphite shaft in your putter, to improve weighting and stroke consistency. There’s also a shaft that can be adjusted without taking the grip off and sawing the shaft down.

The customization options among the models featured are vast, from head shape, to color, to grip size, to shaft length, to counter balancing. With all of the advanced options, you’ll have no trouble finding a new putter that feels like home on the 2019 Hot List.