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By addressing the shortcomings of golfers who need the most help, Yonex has created an iron that houses the kind of technology that can be transformational for those lacking suffi cient clubhead speed. Knowing its customer base uses a large portion of the face, not just the center, Yonex sought to increase ball speed across as much of the hitting area as possible. This led to the creation of an oversize clubhead that provides a wider trampoline at impact than in previous models. The key to this advancement is an internal groove around the back of the face. This channel helps the face compress and rebound more eff ectively at impact, which means more all-around distance. The internal groove also saves weight that is then shifted to the sole to achieve a lower and deeper center of gravity that helps launch the ball high with ample forgiveness. Furthermore, the flexible-tip graphite shaft uses high-modulus carbon-fi ber that results in a shaft that is 4 percent lighter than the one used in the Ezone Elite 2 irons. Less weight equals more swing speed, and the fl exible tip enhances the kick at impact for the kind of height on approach shots any player will appreciate.

Price: $100/per iron
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Player Comments
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    Great touch and workability with a beautiful high ball flight. Huge room for error that ends in great results. These find greens.

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    I like the topline. Very pleasing. Shots produce a crisp, pleasant sound with great distance.

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    A classic look for a super-game-improvement iron that doesn't rob you of distance. Really long and the sound didn't have the tinniness of some others.

Club Specs


7-iron: 29 degrees; PW: 43 degrees

Club Specs

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